Russian in one month

“RUSSIAN IN ONE MONTH” – a special course for busy business people in Cyprus.

This special intensive language course is written for those people who speak Greek as their native language.

Next course is from 15th of January to 15th of February 2018. 


This very intensive course gives fast results because of combination of three factors: experience and passion of your teacher, well-prepared text, audio, video materials and modern techniques of memorizing big volumes of new data. 


Expected results. One month intensive course will help you to know more about Russians, to understand them better and to get basic communication skills. You'll be able to SPEAK basic Russian, using a vocabulary of 300-500 words.




•   You will know all Russian holidays and will never miss anymore an opportunity to send a post card or flowers to Russian women on the 8th of March or a New Year gift on the 31st of December (instead of Christmas).

•   You will know how to pronounce in a correct way all major names, family names and will never be confused anymore with Russian patronymics.


• You will read Russian. It sounds ambitious. But it is a technical matter: we know how to teach you reading having Greek alphabet as basis.




• You will know by heart 300 Russian words that are used in daily communication. They are carefully selected for you and represent 50-60% of what people say to each other during the normal non-specific communication.

• You will learn 50-60 most common sentences and 20-25 cliché that will help you to maintain any conversation.

• You will be able to use freely in any tense 20 Russian verbs and you’ll recognise in speech at least 50 more.

• Your passive Russian vocabulary (the words you’ll recognize in speech) will be over 500 words. We have our own special methodology of intensive words learning process that will help you to "digest" all this information in a short period of time.


  1. You will study Russian language in a group and during few private lessons in a very warm and friendly atmosphere
  2. Your teacher has a lot of experience and wrote a special course to help you to get the best possible results and she knows how to make you speaking Russian in one month.
  3. The group is small and the teacher can pay attention to each student. You will have a chance to ask questions or to repeat something you did not understand well during the regular lesson.
  4. You do not need to spend much time for homework. A special method that allow you to spend for this less than 30 minutes a day.
  5. This intensive course will take you only one month but give you the results that other people get in 6 months of regular studies of two lessons a week. It saves your time.





This course is for absolute beginners or those who know less than 200 Russian words.

The lessons will start on Monday 15th of January 2018. Evening group: 18.30-19.30 four times a week (Monday to Thursday). In addition there will be two free seminars on Wednesdays 24th and 31st of January from 18.30 to 21.00.

The location is Russian Educational Center (VESTNIK KIPRA's OFFICE). It is next to Limassol Municipal Gardens and has easy access from all Limassol areas.

The cost of the course is 550 euro. It includes a non-refundable registration fee of 100 euro. You pay the fee when you register and the remainig amount after the first lesson.

Money return policy: if you change your mind to join the group by 1st of January 2018, we'll return the whole paid amount keeping 100 euro non-refundable registration fee. 

What is included? Students get a very intensive set of lessons with daily communication:

  •     - 30 academic hours of group lessons with Natalia Kardash. 
  •     - 4 private 20 min lessons with another language teacher who’ll help to repeat the words and grammar rules. 
  •      - 2 free 120 min seminars on Russian history and culture.
  •     - 30 video lessons to watch at home (home work to learn words and phrases). 
  •      - a Collins Russian-English-Russian dictionary (15,000 words). 
  •      - a Greek-Russian or English-Russian phrase book (10,000 phrases). 
  •      - special reading books, text books and exercise books created for this course. 
  •      - 2 audio discs for listening Russian songs and words in your car. 
  •      - 2 video discs for your homework. 
  •      - Power point presentations and handout for each lesson.




Please send an e-mail to Natalia Kardash – [email protected] requesting more information or confirming your participation. If you want to discuss your participation by phone, you may sms her 99 587156 with words “pls call me back to discuss your course” and she’ll make a call to you within the same day.


Monday to Thursday from 15th of January till 15th of February 2018.

18.30-19.30 group lessons.

Friday-Sunday: private lessons – once a week each student will have a private 20-minutes lesson to repeat everything that was learnt during the week. It will be scheduled at any time suitable for you from 9.00 to 19.00.




portrait for investment eventDear friends,
Teaching is my profession and my hobby in the same time. I love it! I am a teacher by my University diploma and my spirit but since I came to Cyprus 18 years ago I deal mainly with publishing, promotion, PR (although I have to add that I am also a founder and a director of a very decent educational centre). I was asked many times by my clients and friends to give them an advice how to learn Russian in an easy and fast way. I looked through everything that it was available on the market but I did not find anything that would really be reliable and would help to speed up the process.

Finally 3 years ago I wrote a course myself. It took me 6 months to combine the best methods I knew, to prepare all texts, exercises, audio and video materials. Time has proofed – the course works! I am excited to present it to more students!

This new innovative course will allow you to learn Russian language fast.

I promise to you: in one month you will read Russian and be able to communicate with your Russian friends and clients at a basic but a very decent level

You will invest your time and efforts in something that is very valuable. How many times have you thought it would be nice to know Russian? I’d like to say – the time has come! Move! Do something about it!

Start a "new life" with a New Year and learn a new language! Doing it with me, you’ll enjoy it at most!

Warm regards,

Natalia Kardash

Information about the teacher, author of the course:

Natalia Kardash

·          Editor-in-chief, Russian newspaper VESTNIK KIPRA and SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS Magazine

·          Director, VESTNIK KIPRA Communications Group

·          Director of N.G.K. Cyprus Advertiser Ltd, IdeaLand Ltd, VK Travel and Tours Ltd.

·          Vice-President, Association of Russian-speaking residents of Cyprus.

·          Board Member, Russian Compatriots Council in Cyprus.

·          Excecutive Board Member, Cyprus International Business Association (CIBA)

·          Board Member, European Russian Alliance (Brussels)

·          Chairwoman, Cyprus-Russian Festival, Health and Beauty Forum, BEST LEGAL and BEST INVEST Conferences.

·          Organizer of 30 annual International events in Cyprus and number of conferences, seminars and road shows to Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and India.


VESTNIK KIPRA COMMUNICATIONS GROUP is a group of companies working with the Russian community of Cyprus. The most important fields of activity are publishing, educations, tourism, event management, PR and promotion of Cyprus enterprises in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. The newspaper VESTNIK KIPRA offers all local Cyprus news in Russian language, the SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS magazine provides the Russian-speaking businessmen in Cyprus with latest information, several websites and social networks are updated every hour with recent Cypriot news. The largest events organized by VESTNIK KIPRA Group are the Cyprus-Russian Festival (more than 12,000 people), thematic business conferences with more than 20 countries involved.

The Group consists of 6 companies:
• Publishing House
• Russian Educational Centre
• Professional Translation Bureau
• Vestnik Kipra Travel and Tours
• IdeaLand Ltd (event management company)
• Association of Russian-Speaking residents of Cyprus (NGO)

If you want to join the course, please send an e-mail to Natalia Kardash – [email protected] requesting more information or confirming your participation. If you want to discuss your participation by phone, you may sms her 99 587156 with words “pls call me back to discuss your course” and she’ll make a call to you within the same day.


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Even before starting the course, you can start learning Russian language watching free lessons of Natalia Kardash.